KMA Policy

“We offer cost-effective building scaffolding to our customers. We do this using time-efficient solutions with optimized logistics, high quality, and environmental commitment.”

Quality Policy

Our scaffolding business shall maintain a high standard of quality with a level of commitment that fulfills the agreed requirements and wishes as indicated by the customer.

We apply our quality policy in practice by:

  • Our employees are our most important resource. We ensure that the organization and all its employees have the training they need through education and a systematic learning from their own and others’ experiences.
  • Always use preventative measures to avoid quality deficiencies.
  • Our goal is to never have any deficiencies, but if they should occur, they should be remedied quickly and efficiently.
  • Always strive to create profitability and added-value for our customers, thereby creating long-term and returning customers.

Environmental Policy

Our goal is that our business operations should follow applicable environmental regulations and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.

We apply the policy by:

  • Investing in vehicles whose engines are environmentally friendly.
  • Increase transportation efficiency by reducing fuel usage and mileage.
  • We prioritize collaborations with suppliers who work actively with environmental issues and take responsibility for the environmental impact of their products.
  • We will ensure that general waste and hazardous waste are properly disposed of, reused, or recycled in as environmentally friendly method as possible.
  • Agreements must be made with well-established waste handlers who will provide containers for combustible waste, metals, and chemical products.
  • Annual evaluation of the environmental impact will take place during the management review, at which time other decisions regarding improvement will also be made.

Work Environment Policy

A good and safe work environment is an important strategy question for Highcon. Our work environment should promote the physical and psychosocial health of all employees, where the risk of occupational injuries and work-related illnesses are prevented.

We apply the policy by:

  • Continuously evaluating the company's efforts with work environment in order to continuously improve the day-to-day work environment.
  • Preparation is one of our most important tools to minimize accidents and/or hazardous incidents. We work together to plan in detail for each upcoming scaffolding project. We make use of every employee’s skills so the resulting decisions are anchored in the entire group. These preparations provide an open and healthy work culture while documenting the work environment. Vi tar då vara på alla medarbetares kompetens och besluten förankras i hela gruppen. Arbetsberedningar ger ett öppet och gott arbetsklimat samtidigt som arbetsmiljöarbetet dokumenteras.
  • Monitoring and developing the work environment must be an implicit priority in all company activities. Employees should not only be made aware of potential or existing risks, but also how to mitigate those risks.
  • No employee should be subjected to any abuse or discrimination, such as bullying, physical violence, social exclusion, or harassment.
  • In our work environment policy, adaptation and rehabilitation issues are very important. The goal is for the employee to be able to return to their workplace as soon as possible. If necessary, external experts may be hired.
  • All employees must be given the knowledge, skills, and practical possibilities needed to actively participate in the work design.
  • The individual receives, when possible, work that stimulates professional development, the opportunity for variety, and responsibility according to their qualifications.
  • Concrete action programs and projects to improve the work environment are established, implemented, and evaluated.

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